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DV 400 kV Ernestinovo - Žerjavinec - Croatia


Supply of Safety ladders DV 110 kV Žerjavinec -Resnik

  • Voltage: 2x220 kV
    Number of towers: 5

Operation of the Turvatikas system in extreme weather

  • We are witnessing the most difficult situations in the history of the Slovenian power grid, Due to strong ice the entire network is exposed to considerable mechanical stress.Our system works in such extreme conditions. We are proud that our state maintenance workers are safe during the review and repairs.

Supply of Safety ladders DV 2x220 kV TP Sisak

  • Voltage: 2x220 kV
    Number of towers: 5
    Double circuit 220kV, galvanized steel with she shape of the head »barrel«

Supply of Safety ladders DV 2x400 kV Beričevo-Krško

  • Voltage: 2x400 kV
    Power line lenght: 80,43 km
    Number of towers: 227
    Type od tower: double circuit 400kV, galvanized steel with shape of the head »barrel«
  • Size of the cornerstones from: 2x2.5 m to 9x3,5 m
    Height of the towers from: 59,76 m to 63,70 m
    Predominantly hilly terrain, 70 % forest, the rest; fields, meadows, vineyaeds
    Transmission line corridor: 2x25 meters from the axis of power line
    The estimated value of 63,5 million euros, the project is co-financed by the TEN-E of the
    European Commission
  • Investor: ELES, d.o.o.
    Project manager Martin Hostnik
    Construction consortium Dalekovod and Elektroservisi

Supply of Safety ladders DV 2x110 kV Beričevo - Trbovlje

  • Voltage: 2x110 kV
    Power line lenght: 38 km
    Number of towers: 149
    Lenght of the safety ladder system: 4578,85 meters
    Double circuit 110kV, galvanized steel with she shape of the head »barrel«

Supply of Safety ladders 2006-2011

  • Voltage: 110/220/400 kV
    Number of towers: 3406
    Lenght of the safety ladder system: 112.845,30 meters
    Type of towers: mixed

Supply of Safety ladders for DTS portals

  • Supply of the SL Turvatikas for portals in DTS Beričevo and heating plant Ljubljana.

Supply of Safety ladders for telecommunication towers


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