REEF d.o.o

  • Visual, photo, TV i video underwater examinations in lieu of dry-docking surveys in according to and approved by classification societies.
    ROV inspection of underwater instalations and constructions
    Ship, hulls and hydrofoil underwater construction repairs and maintenance bellow water line such as suction,sea chest, sea valve.
    Propeller polishing, underwater sand blasting, cutting and welding.
    Reparation of smaller hull damages bellow water line.
    NDT - Underwater thickness measurement / gauging (UT) and magnetic particle inspections.
  • Placing down and inspections underwater cables such as oil and gas pipeline, water supply, underwater sewage system drainpipes, power supply and optical cables.
    Assistance, repairs and maintenance for off shore constructions.
    Steel construction protection with epoxy systems.
    Salvage and lifting of sink vessels, equipment and constructuions.
  • Underwater constructions and repairs of yacht ports, berths, waterfronts, break-waters, embankments.
    Constructions, repairs and maintenance of sub sea discharges.
    Bottom profile scanning-longitudinal sections.

Reef d.o.o. Subsea Service Company is established in 2000 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. During all those years, following current technology for different kinds of underwater services, grew up in high-grade company, prepared for performing the most required kind of duty, in according to major classification societies. The main strategy was based on quality of service, rising up standards , following the progress of today's technology and utilization of achievements.


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